IN todays wine industry there is a need for education about a new business: caring for our environment and societies, while economically successful.


Why a business school on sustainability

60% of the climate changing global emissions are issued while producing consumers goods (source IPCC): this sheds light on how important it is to change the products that will be consumed by the market into sustainable ones. Those products really need to make the difference, both by attracting the consumer as being the best one to choose and as really making a difference in term of global environmental and social care. The wine industry, like any other industry, is also responsible for these phenomena (1% of European ghg emissions for example raise from wine making), and this school wishes to provide the right education to its professionals, in particular granting scholarships to those managers of small firms in this sector who have limited access to qualified information and research.

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x1000 faster

is the estimated rate species are disappearing faster than any natural phenomenon would cause


is the average GHG emissions an EU citizen is responsible for his everyday consumption: a liter of milk is 2kg, a chicken 5kg, a bottle of wine 1,5kg (average rates)


of the EU water is supplied by the alps glaciers, which have receded by a third in the last 50 years

“We have to make a sustainable product become economical.”

— Michele manelli, FOUNDER and ceo salcheto winery

The project timeline

The project started in January 2016, with a 3 months study made by a team led by Michele Manelli and Prof. Maria Pia Maraghini, with two full time young graduates assistants.

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Between April and June 2016, a crowd funding campaign was run to collect the funds necessary to cover the start-up costs and grant scholarships for those industry managers who are the first target of the school. The campaign ended un-complete but gathered a greater network of attentions and support to the project itself, the start-up timeline has been then extended until december 2016.

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The first Master in Wine Sustainability is planned to be launched in January 2017.

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